Get skin glowing for a model casting or special event- St.Tropez

Have you ever been told about a special event last minute or the day before and wondering what you can do to give your skin a nice glow? It may be too late in the evening to get a spray tan or go to the salon. Don’t panic! There is a way. If you are worried about showing off your legs because you have to wear a dress then applying a self-tan is a great way to hide spider veins on legs and any imperfections that you want to blur on your body.
I am writing this because I can not tell you how many last minute casting I have received as a model.Usually I will have at least one day notice which gives me time to prepare my skin to give me the best possible chance of booking the job.
Sometimes I need to be swimwear ready, have to try on various outfits and be photographed therefore applying a self tanner works wonders and gives you a little more confidence. 
A self tanner or gradual tanner are both great depending how tanned you would like to be, you let it develop for at least four hours ( 8 hours preferably) the night before then you wash it off the next morning. I prefer this method rather than an instant tan because often you will be trying on clothes at a casting and you may stain it and at a special event you do not want your tan to rub off onto your clothes.
I like the St.Tropez mini bronzing glow set for around $29 because you get a body polish a moisturiser and tanning lotion. However if you can not find this mini set they also can be bought  separately. If you are new to self-tanning you can start off with a gradual tanner this is usually fool proof – St.Tropez also has a gradual tan that I have tried  and is nice for a subtle glow and particularly good for the winter when we naturally do not get much sun.
I find this tan work well on even fair skin and does not leave skin looking orange at all. It is great because being in the sun too much may cause pre mature ageing so I like to use a tan instead that looks very natural.
Steps to get an even natural looking tan
Step 1 Exfoliate skin with the body polish
Step 2 Moisturise the skin with the moisturiser, if you have a couple days notice you can moisturise all of your skin if not then only apply the moisturiser to all the dry areas of the body such as  elbows, knees and wrists.
Step 3 Apply the self-tan lotion where you would like to tan your skin, if you want a lighter tan you can mix half moisturiser half tanning lotion which will work more like a gradual tanner and give your skin a nice glow.* Because the tanning lotion goes on with a tint you may want to wear loose clothing and wear gloves for your hands as it may stain them (soap will remove any stains on hands).


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