Best treatment for split ends

Growing hair long sometimes can be difficult however the key is to prevent split ends from forming as this is what prevents hair from growing longer and breaking.Getting your vitamins daily will show on your skin, nails and hair but here are some ways you can protect your hair from the outside. 
If you want to grow your hair long or prevent your hair from becoming dry and brittle here are some proven tips.
The Hair Cut-The way hair is cut is important and if you are trying to grow your hair long then it is best to cut hair blunt at the bottom as this will make hair stronger, look thicker and grow at the same length.
Moisturising-Keeping your hair moisturised will help prevent split ends; I recommend using a good quality shampoo: for fine hair Kevin Murphy’s ‘Angle Rinse’ is made for thin hair and will not weigh your hair down and for normal to thick hair Kevin Murphy’s ‘Hydrate Me’.
The secret Ingredient-Moroccan Oil +Moroccan Oil  is a great leave in treatment for dry to normal hair, the light version is great for fine hair that does not weigh hair down, one or two pumps is enough to apply to the ends to help hair from knotting.
Moroccan Oil $49
Kevin Murphy Angel Rinse $33  +Adore Beauty 

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