Melbourne Trip

Hi Everyone,
I had an amazing trip to Melbourne Australia recently and I thought I would share some images with you. 

I really loved how Melbourne is so laid back and relaxed. The cafe culture reminded me a lot like Europe with small allyways filled with unique cafes. It is a really nice place to visit if you want to get away from a big city and enjoy good food and a buzzing atmosphere. Shopping is great in Melbourne with a lot of unique boutiques and niche stores. I can honestly say I did not have a one bad coffee once in Melbourne yet from hotel coffees, restaurants, cafes to even crispy cream they have a passion for coffee and it was great to be apart of that for one week. 
I hope you enjoy these pictures 

The trams in Melbourne CDB

Allyway cafes 

City Centre

Unique Cafes

Flinders Station

Enjoying a piece of cake and coffee

Beautiful shopping malls

It’s easy to find fruit on the street in Melbourne

Zara shopping 
Roger Federer at the Australian Open (yes that is Stefan Edberg on the left! )
The Australian Open

 Haigh’s Chocolates 

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