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Victoria’s Secret Perfect Body Jojoba Body and Hair Oil

I recently bought this Jojoba Oil for hair and Body by Victoria’s Secret whilst at the airport in Melbourne and am so happy that I found this product because it really gives you a nice glow without being sticky or over the top!

Firstly the scent is light and fresh and somewhat like a citrus scent. I don’t think you can not go wrong with Victoria’s Secret lotions or fragrances because they all smell delicious, however everything depends on individual preference as some are a lot sweeter than others, this is definitely not a sweet scent which i prefer a lot more.

Victoria’s Secret models always have a subtle glow to their skin

The body and hair oil is a spray that gives you a satin glow (not oily), it is perfect for when you are going out in the evening and want your skin to have that supermodel glow on the arms and the legs without being at all sticky as that oil is a dry oil. 

All you have to do is shake the bottle well and spray all over body and rub it in and welcome that healthy glow! It can also can be used on your hair (but apply lightly as it is an oil) and it will give a beautiful glossy shine
                                                    Victoria’s Secret body oil $ 26 bought from Melbourne Airport store

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