How to wear natural makeup at the beach

The question is to go or not to go……with makeup to the beach? well i think there is no right or wrong answer to this, it is all about personal preference really and i know there are days where i feel like i really need a little makeup. I think a little makeup at the beach is fine as long as you do not apply too much and the key is to keep it natural and simple.
Sunscreen or sunblock is the first and most important step when getting ready for the beach. I like the Neutrogena Beach Defence 50+ because it is not oily and is suitable for the face and body, and it has a nice scent also.
If you require some coverage a sheer coverage foundation blended with fingers to give a natural look is fine or I recommend the Maxfactor’s CC Cream as it has a light perfecting coverage. If you have dry to normal skin Maybelline’s BB cream works well and gives the face a very sheer converge and for an oily skin Garnier BB cream for oily skin.
For the eyes I recommend using either a waterproof mascara or a water resistant mascara because it will be hot at the beach and you do not want your mascara melting in the heat( think panda eyes ). Many brands have waterproof and resistant mascaras such as Covergirls 24 hour mascara or Maybelline’s Great Lash in waterproof is a good option.
For the lips a nice lip balm is great Nivea Hydro care instantly moisturises lips without being sticky or too shiny.
Once you have created a natural base you can add a little matt bronzer, apply in a number 3 shape starting at the side of forehead then sweep across cheeks and chin and a little on your nose. This will give you a bit of colour to the face and still look natural. If you have oily skin you can apply a translucent powder to the t-zone or use a blotting paper.
I hope this has given you some ideas about your makeup options when going to the beach. Below is a picture of some of the products i use when i go to the beach.


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