Full Fat Lashes- Charlotte Tilbury Glossy Black Mascara

I recently bought the Full Fat Lashes mascara by Charlotte Tilbury and instantly fell in love with it because of the transformation it gave to my lashes. My lashes went from normal lashes to making the eyes appear a lot bigger and awake .It is extremely pigmented with a rich glossy black which instantly curls, separated and thickens your lashes. It gives your lashes so much volume that you don’t need to apply false lashes. And I would say that my lashes are quite normal and not thick naturally so I see a big difference. 

The brush is shaped like a 5-pointed star, which works really well in getting into your smaller lashes. Once you have applied one or two coats for during the day you can go back in the evening and layer the mascara until you reach the volume you like, there is no caking or build-up of this mascara and the formula allows you to build up our lashes until your heart is content.This is a big pro in my opinion because who wants to remove all their mascara and start again when touching up to go out?

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