Model Co Tanning kit….too good to pass up!

Today of course not intentionally looking around in Priceline (Australian pharmacy) for anything in particular when I stumbled across something that I could not believe my eyes when i saw the price…. I had to ask a girl who was working there to make sure that the price was correct at $12.95 for the Model Co bronzing mouse and face tan with a buffing mitt.This is over $56 value! Now you can see why i am so excited about this! Therefore for $12.95 of course I had to buy it and share the find with you!It is actually on sale at the moment with the original price being $29.99.
Now lets get to the tan, it has a pleasant smell for a self tan, of course it does not smell like perfume but it is not as bad as some of the others with just a hint of coconut and not overbearing at all. It takes about 4- 6 hours to develop and applies without streaks which is great if you have to go out during the day and do not want people to notice you have applied a self tan.

The Hydrating Self tanning face gel absorbs into the skin just as if  you have not applied anything and both tanners give you a subtle bronze about 1-2  shades darker than your natural skin which looks very natural. I think it would work well on fair skin also. 
Defiantly will re purchase this as I think it will be especially useful in the Autumn /Winter when you want a slight glow to the skin. 
A very happy find for me!

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