Glowing Cheeks – Ecstasy Blush by Charlotte Tilbury

Ecstasy blusher is part of the Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita range, which is based around the look of Italian movie stars look such as Sofia Loren. They were known for beautiful bronzed skin, sun-kissed  cheeks that glowed.

What i love about this blush is that unlike many blushes it has two colours.Ecstasy is a dusty pink with a peachy pink pop of colour in the centre. It makes your cheeks glow because of the finely milled gold flecks that pick up the light ever so slightly (it never looks dusty). It is almost like having two different blushes with you so on days when you just want a slight pop of colour you can apply the lightest shade (the edge) of the two and when you are going out in the evening you can apply the pop colour to the apples of the cheek…or if you are daring use them both swirled together! If you have tried it already you will know how great this colour is in giving that dolce vita look.


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