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What To Wear To A Model Agency Interview

What to wear to a model casting will focus on what kind of makeup and clothing to wear to a model agency interview. If you are thinking about doing modelling and thinking about what to wear and what makeup is appropriate this may help you. 

If you are going to an open call or have sent in your images to an agency and they have called you back to see them the next step is to prepare yourself for the interview.

Thinking about how you will present yourself to them can be quite tough because if you are new in the industry it not easy to know what to wear and how to apply your makeup as it is slightly different to makeup you would normally wear.

The first step is to keep it simple! 


If you have blemishes then a light foundation applied to the skin blended in well to create an even base with a little powder in the t-zone to prevent oily skin ( they might take some photographs).Conceal any imperfections such as pimples and dark circles. If you have clear skin you can skip this step because they usually like to see what you look like naturally without makeup, they know how makeup can transform your face.
Curl your eyelashes to open up your eyes so that you look awake and apply one coat of mascara. 
Apply a little bronzer if you feel like you need to warm up your skin and a lip moisturiser like a Chapstick nothing too glossy and yes that means no red lipstick! 😉

The Outfit

Don’t think too much about your outfit, the bookers at the agency really do not want to see you in you party outfit here, especially if they are a high fashion agency. Black skinny leg jeans and a black or white fitted singlet is perfect. (If it is summer you can swap the jeans for a simple skirt or denim shorts).They will be able to see your figure in this outfit without having too many patterns or bold colours to distract them.Simple black heels with a medium heel that you can walk is best to wear to the interview(they might ask you do a walk for them).

*These are some suggestions which i have picked up being in the modelling industry and is advice and tips only!. Remember to be yourself!


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