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Wedding Day Makeup Tips- How to look your best on your wedding Day

If your big day is coming up and you are thinking about doing your own makeup here are some tips that will help you look your best. Wedding makeup is not about changing how you look it is about making yourself look like you only enhanced. 
Foundation without SPFOn your wedding day there will be photos taken all day and wearing a foundation with sunscreen may give you the ‘ghost’ face look where your face looks very pale even if you are not normally that way. This because the sunscreen reflects and causes this. Choose a foundation that is SPF free.
Consider ClimateBefore choosing or buying makeup products think about what climate your wedding will take place in, will you be in outdoor beach wedding or will it be indoors in winter. If your wedding will take place in a humid climate it is best to use an oil free foundation especially if you have oily skin, and a long lasting foundation may help you from having to touch up every hour.
Considering a spray tan? Depending on your natural skin colour a spray tan is what a lot of brides get a day before the wedding. If you are considering it then I suggest to do a practice tan….I know it will be an extra cost but if you get a tan that is going to be too orange or have not tried that particular tanner before at the salon, it is really difficult to cover up. A natural glow look beautiful on any bride so getting the right colour is important. If you are self tanning than St Tropez tanning lotion/spray looks very natural and works for even pale skin.
Practice your makeup. This a step that can save you time and stress on your wedding day. Set out all the makeup you want to use and do a test session from what foundation to lipstick; that way you will have a good idea how you will do your makeup on your wedding day. Take some pictures to see how it looks like on camera to see if you need to apply more or less.
Apply false lashes! Individual lashes opens up the eyes and makes your eyes look bigger and enhances them. A makeup artist can apply them for you but if you are doing it yourself there are some great YouTube videos that give step-by-step instructions. (If you have never done it before don’t try something new on your wedding day a professional will do it for you!).
Waterproof mascara.I think this is a must on every woman’s wedding day. You will be wearing your makeup all day and you do not want it to smudge or if some bridal waterworks start happening you know you won’t ruin your makeup.
Touch-ups Keep a little makeup bag with your lipstick , blotting paper and a powder. After talking, eating and kisses on your wedding day you will need to re-apply your lipstick and touch up your powder.


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