Get bikini ready- without going to the gym!

I think exercise can be a something that you can enjoy and works best when you implement it as part of your lifestyle rather than crash diets and frantic training as this is not healthy and impossible to maintain. Getting motivated is the usually the hardest part, so this is why having simple exercises that you can do at home a few times a week will change your body and be easy to maintain (along with a healthy diet).
I have 3 exercises that you can do in your own home and you don’t need expensive equipment. Just a bit of time!
Yoga– I am relative new to the yoga practice, I find it extremely empowering and a good workout. It may look like a challenge especially if you are not flexible but there are DVDs for beginners and different levels which makes a good workout for the home or when you are travelling.  It strengthens the body and tones evenly. You can join a yoga class or you can buy a DVD and do a 30-minute workout that will energise you for the rest of the day as well as relieving stress.
Skipping– Skipping is an effective cardiovascular workout that tones the whole body in particular the arms that burns a lot of calories. The best part is that a ten-minute workout burns about 120 calories and you can do this in the comfort of your own home. Start at 5 mins first at a medium pace and add and extra minute each day, you will be surprised how much your fitness will improve and how challenging the workout can be. Just think that boxers skip all the time to improve fitness and get a great cardio workout. Have you seen their bodies??

Pilates– Pilates changed the way I think about fitness, it really develops the body evenly without over working muscles. The best part is that you can do the workout without leaving your house. The DVD options are endless with workouts approximately 40 minutes.  It slims down legs, tones arms, works on hips and focuses on the core.  Slimming down your hips can be really difficult as many exercises do not focus on the hips; pilates focuses on your hip area and you will notice the different as you tone stubborn areas on your body. Your  fitness level will change and body after a few months as it strengthens and lengthens the entire body without bulking the muscles.
Some great DVD’s are Elements  Pilates and Yoga which you can order online through Sanity or Amazon, i have tried a few of these and highly recommend them as they have a wide range of workouts for beginners and advanced levels.

Always consult your doctor before performing activities


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