A peachy nude lipstick- Penelope Pink by Charlotte Tilbury

A warm peachy nude lipstick that perfectly complements a smokey eye

When I think about what makes a flattering nude lipstick one element i look for is it has to compliment my skin tone, so no nudes that wash out your complexion. Penelope Pink by Charlotte Tilbury is a creamy opaque lipstick that goes so well with a smokey eye look where the main the focus is on your eyes.
The texture is smooth and creamy and the formula keeps lips hydrated and smooth. It has a natural SPF filter which helps lips from sun damage (who remembers to put sunscreen on our lips?).The packaging reminds me of something that the actors in Old Hollywood would use, it is classy and luxurious.  (It will look great displayed on your makeup table or when you take it out of your handbag to apply).

To prep my lips I apply a little Vaseline or Nivea then use a nude / skin colour lip pencil to make sure my lips are symmetrical. I then apply Penelope Pink with a lip brush so the colour goes on softly. It is a great  warm peachy colour that is suitable for work or evening ….just add a little gloss to enhance your lips and you are ready to go!


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