The guide to wearing nude lipstick

Finding the right nude lipstick takes some work but using one that is right for your complexion makes all the difference!
This is a question that ponders the minds of many people who try to pull of the ‘nude’ lipstick look. People often wonder… why doesn’t this nude look good on me when I see others wear it so well? Why do I look washed out? If you are feeling the same way and are determined to wear this look that Jennifer Lopez and Penelope Cruz has pulled off so well then here are a few tips that will help you make it work for you too!
Something to remember when choosing a nude shade is that not all nude shades suit everyone. So it is important to choose the right colour based on your complexion. The nude shade should be one or two shades lighter than your skin tone not any more as there will be too much of a contrast which will give the washed out look( this is what we are trying to avoid!).
I am a firm believer that to wear a nude lip skin needs to be prepped, so that means a nice clean base of foundation with bronzer and mascara (or with a smokey eye or eyeliner looks even better!) as a nude lip looks rather strange without a base and is where the ‘washed out’ look may happen.
There are different nude shades to choose from, there is peachy tones, soft pinks and apricots so I think testing a few shades on your lips will give you a good idea of a flattering tone as what looks good on someone else may not be the best colour choice for yourself. Here are some example of nudes based on complexion, this is just a guide as all these colours may suit many people.
Fair skin– the best colour that suits pale skin is baby pinks, soft pinks and light peach colours. Something like Nude 235 Color Riche Made for me naturals Loreal Paris (see here). Or Loreal Tendre Rose 303 (see here )
Medium /Olive Skin– Stick to warm shades such as caramel tones and peachy tones. Something like Charlotte Tilbury Nude Kate, Charlotte Tilbury Penelope Pink 
Dark Skin. Chocolate / rich browns Loreal Color Riche 381 Silk Toffee (see here)


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