Tips for getting full sexy lips

Everyone’s lips are different and a little enhancement can make a huge difference to your lips appearance. Here are a few ways to naturally enhance your lip shape by highlighting and creating an even fuller shape that will create the illusion of bigger and fuller lips. Here comes Angelina Jolie!
Exfoliate There are many great exfoliating products on the market today that do a great job to remove dead skin. This is important as it allows the lips to have a smooth surface and plumps up the lips by bringing blood to the surface. Alternately you can use a little olive oil and sugar mixed together and use it as a scrub. A soft toothbrush rubbed against lips does a pretty good job too!
Moisturise  Moisturising is an important as it helps prepare the lips for the lipstick and helps it from drying out your lips. After you exfoliate apply a little Maybelline baby lips or Nivea chapstick to create a ‘primer’ for your lips.
Highlight Use a highlighter on the bow of your lip and in the centre. This will create the illusion of fuller lips. 
Liner Use a nude lip liner to lightly line around your lips. If you feel like you need a little extra fullness to your lips you can cheat the lip shape.

Gloss  Use a nude lipstick then apply a light lip gloss shade in the centre of the lips , this will create the illusion of fuller lips or for an extra plumping effect a lip plumping gloss like theBalm Plumping gloss all over lips will give it an extra dimension.

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