Pure Bronze Instant Tanning Lotion- The 1 hour tanning lotion

The 1 hour self tanner
Pure Bronze tanner in dark is salon formula in a bottle that you can apply easily from home achieving a deep golden tan. The dark shade is suitable for medium to olive skin-tones looking to deepen their tan.This is a unique tan because it develops in 1 hour…so on those days when you are going out in the evening you can apply in a couple of hours in advance and wash it off and you will get an golden even tan.
What I like about it is that it gives you a rich natural looking colour in just one application (not orange), the longer you leave it on the better (and longer your tan will last) however 1 hour still gives you a golden glow. 
The scent is floral without the normal self-tanner smell of coconut, which is a plus because you can wear it without people noticing the smell.
Pure Bronze Instant tanning lotion in Dark is the deepest colour from the Pure Bronze range ,there is light/medium shade which is great for fair skin. This is an Australian made brand that uses a salon formula which is non- greasy at a great price $29.95 for 200ml (see here). 

Tip for applying. Because this absorbs quickly use a tanning mitt or gloves as with any self-tanner to protect your hands from stains.
How long to leave the tan on for?  I recommend 6-8 hours for best results 

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