Do you really need to use an eye cream ?

Do you really need to use an eye cream? Won’t any moisturiser do?
There are many eye creams on the market today, sometimes I feel like it can be overwhelming to look through the aisles searching for the right eye cream to do the right job.
If I am in a pharmacy (drug store) I like to ask the advice of the pharmacist…. what they would recommend to help keep the eye area moisturised and prevent fine lines and wrinkles.
Recently I have felt that I need an eye cream for the colder weather, here in Australia it is slowly starting to transform into Autumn being a little rainy and windy.
Today I asked my pharmacist if using a moisturiser is the same as using an eye cream? Don’t they all do the same job? Moisturise……she said that the problem with using a rich moisturiser around the eyes is that you may start to develop milia and small cysts around the eye area as pores may become clogged from any rich creams.

So this is the difference, eye cream is lighter and made to use around the delicate eye area , which will not cause your pores to clog.
Hope this helps anyone who was wondering about this

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