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Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation

Price $ 77 AUD
Finish Satin/ Radiant
30ml 1FL.OZ.
Oil- Free & Non Comedogenic
This had to be one of my favourite foundations to wear during the day. I like the fact that it looks so natural on the skin, you can’t even tell you are wearing foundation…but don’t let that fool you in thinking it sheer coverage…. it has very good coverage in a lightweight formula. 
It is a modern foundations that look like a second skin but does a great job in correcting flaws with a certain radiating glow that gives you the impression that you have slept for 10 hours.
Is it worth the money? Hands down YES….if you are looking to buy a luxury item… It’s the most non- guilty purchase I have spent on a foundation because I know that I will get so much wear out of it, day and night…it is so easy to use …no brushes required just the help of your fingers.
It is important to shake the bottle very well…it is water based so you need to combine the foundation with the water, for at least 10 seconds! Then you are good to go!

I have the colour in 40 Beige, which has a golden base, if you have pink undertones you can go for the rose-based colours. Another bonus is SPF of 15, it will help protect your skin during the day against pre-mature ageing (of course sunscreen during the day is a must) and the scent is very pleasant….

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