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Olive Tanned Skin…from a bottle? Le Tan self tanner

Le Tan’s Fast Tan is a great quality drugstore self tanner which gives you  give you the most amazing deep olive based tan that is comparable in terms of quality to any high end self tanner that i have tried.

I am a fan of self-tanners because they give your skin a nice glow without going into the sun for hours. I like to have one handy in my bathroom in case i have an event on the next day…apply a little self tanner to exposed skin and it makes such a big difference the next day!
I would say it is comparable to the St Tropez tanner but for 1/3 the price which has been my absolute favourite and most re-purchased tanner of all time because of the olive based tan and good quality ingredients used in their formula. 

The application of the mousse formula is quick and easy that dries within minutes. It takes at least 6 hours to develop completely so i would say to wear dark loose clothing after application to prevent your clothes from getting stained. If you desire a deeper colour you can reapply the next day, which will build your colour. Although one application gives you intense colour for days!

The Scent is more or less coconut but some sort of scent is always associated with self-tanners however this vanishes once you wash the tan off. The guide colour gives you an instant-bronzed tan, which helps with achieving streak –free application.

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