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OPI Nail Polish -Fifty Shades of Grey -The Sultry Nail Look for Autumn/Winter

From left to right: Cement the Deal, Shine for Me & Darken the Mood
A lot of people talk about the Sultry makeup look….but what about the Sultry nail look?
These are some of the colours from OPI’s new nail polish range for the movie premier of Fifty Shades of Grey 

I love a deep grey/black nail with a touch of sparkle to increase the Glam in my look for both evening and day or alternatively you can skip the sparkle and go for a opaque dark grey. 

 This is my first time using OPI nail polishes at home and I was really impressed by how easy it applied and how the colour was truely opaque. One or two coats and your nails look like you have had a professional manicure. 

I love the look of well manicured nails but sometimes we can get a bit pressed for time so doing it from the comfort of your home makes sense. Investing in good quality nail polishes really helps being more efficient with drying time, colour payoff and lasting time.

For the day-time version I first applied 1 coat of Cement the Deal followed by 2 coats of Shine for Me, alternately for your evening look you can ‘darken’ the look by applying Dark Side of the Mood
These colours will be great transitional colours from Summer to Autumn/Winter this year as they are neutral colours that will go with a lot of your winter outfits .  


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