On Board Flight Essentials- What to pack when you are flying

I just came back from my trip to Melbourne last week and noticed that the little bag I packed for my flight really helped me  looking fresh as it had all my essentials in one place.
I put together a little list on what to pack on board in case you are travelling soon. Hopefully you find this useful and if you have any on board tips please leave me a comment below as i would love to hear about it!

Magazines are a must which I mostly I just flick through the pages and also have my iPod with all my favourite music and a good book to read this provides a few hours of entertainment as well as relaxes you….even if it’s only a 2 hour flight.

Makeup + Skincare
I keep my makeup very simple on flights but I like to carry a little bag with my basic makeup touch-ups. Face wipes are a good on board to remove any makeup, as the bathroom sinks are not a good place for using a proper makeup remover. Hand crème and facial moisturiser are a must as the air conditioning on the flight may dry out your skin as well as a lip balm to keep lips from becoming dry. I like Kora Organic’s Rosehip Oil patted lightly over my skin to keep it hydrated then I apply my moisturiser over the top! 

What to wear 
Wear comfortable clothing ..i like anything that has a bit of stretch to it, so i try to avoid jeans ….I also like to take a scarf just in case you get cold on board and you can use it to cover your legs/shoulders and it acts as a pillow too 🙂 

Something for the stomach 
Not everyone likes to eat on board but taking crackers is a good idea and it stops you from getting a sore stomach as well as crewing gum (helps your ears from getting blocked too!) I also take either Paracetamol just in case i get a headache or a sore stomach. And of course drink plenty of water as it is easy to forget when flying.


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