Affordable Night Cream Must Have!

I have been testing the Olay Complete enriched night moisturiser for about four months now as I wanted to give it a good try before writing this review as I wanted to see how it reacted to problematic skin, as mine is normal to oily and prone to breakouts. I also use some acne fighting topical gels from the dermatologist and wanted to see how it reacted with the cream as my skin can become very sensitive after applying the topical treatments.
I found that it did not break out my skin but made it feel very smooth and supple, however if I apply my topical acne treatment I find the night cream works better applied to clean skin rather than after applying a topical treatment.So if you are using an acne treatment, I like Neutrogena sensitive skin lotion to prevent skin from becoming very dry.

It is a good quality skincare product that does not hurt your bank account but it really does what it says, there is no claiming of anti-aging with this particular creme but that fact that it is so moisturising will guard skin and aid in the prevention of wrinkles in the long term . 

If spending big on skincare is not in your budget or you are new to skincare this is one amazing night cream. It’s rich and luxurious going on to your skin but seems to absorb rather quickly leaving no residue. The next day your skin feels baby soft and also soothes tired irritated skin.
The good stuff: It’s enriched with provitamin B5, Vitamin B2 and E and it  helps replace moisture lost during the day.

*This is not a sponsored post

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