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Why a pedometer can help increase your overall health

Nowadays there are a lot of fancy gadgets on the market, but as technology is always improving it’s become a lot more fashionable to wear a pedometer, which measures heart rate,sleep,calories,steps and more .

There are numerous brands that make these wristwatches now in fashionable colours that suit everyone. The suggested daily target for incorporating a healthy lifestyle and improving heart health is is 10 000 steps per day (for adults), which may help prevent heart disease for those who regularly participate in moderate physical activity.
I have been using a pedometer for a few weeks now, more as a novelty (because it’s fun!)  and have found that it is much more satisfying reaching my daily goals when i set daily targets, and found everyday that i wore the wristband i was super motivated to move myself more. I actually realised some days my step count was at 3000 or less then nudged myself to go for a walk to increase my step level for the day.

What I think it is great for is increasing your awareness in how many step you are really doing a day, and the best news is it can be simple moderate activities such as going for a walk or doing house chores because yes!! …. they burn calories and benefit your health! I have a friend at work that has a pedometer as well and we sometimes compete in who has done the most steps, so we motivate each other to complete our goals and reach targets. I think the key is to gradually build up your steps, over a two-month period.

I hope you have enjoyed this post, it is something that has helped me motivate myself and I hope that you find it useful 

*Always consult your doctor before you commence any physical activity



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