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5 Tips for Bigger Brighter Eyes

Use a matte medium brown eye shadow (or bronzer) and apply it with a fluffy eye shadow brush through your eye’s crease in a windscreen wiper motion, this will define your eyes by enhancing your eye shape and will be a good transition colour for when you apply your eyeshadow.

Use a nude or champagne eyeshadow and sweep it across the entire eyelid, this will enhance your eye colour and allow the light to bounce off your eyelids without making your eyelids look smaller as a darker colour would.Then apply a nude waterproof eyeliner in the waterline instead of your traditional black/brown liner as this will cancel out redness and you won’t be closing the eyes as a dark eyeliner would.

Don’t be shy with your mascara application, you can really knock yourself out here! If you find your mascara clumping…..don’t be disheartened, use a separating mascara brush and then apply another coat. Apply mascara to your bottom lashes also to create that wide awake doll look.

Nobody wants to see bags (unless those bags are shopping bags!) A brightening concealer performs wonders in camouflaging dark circles (the Kardashians do this trick all the time!) Not only does it eliminate the blueness under the eyes it also brightens the under eye area which often is the first sign of tired eyes, it will look natural as it is a more of a natural texture compared to cream based concealer which is thicker in consistency.

Curling your eye lashes with a good eye lash curler gives your eyes the doe-eyed look, it makes you look more awake, just think back to your Barbie Dolls days and what their eyes looked like… they always appear curled and wide-open.


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