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How to Get Red Carpet Skin in 6 Easy Steps

Whether you are going to step out on the red carpet, going to an event or just going on a night with friends being red carpet ready is about having natural glowing skin that will look great in photographs whilst enhancing your natural beauty. It isn’t that hard to do just follow these easy steps.
Priming your skin will ensure your foundation stays on much longer without having to touch-up  your face as well as providing a smooth base for your foundation.
If you have dry skin use a radiant primer such as the Laura Mercier Radiance Primer and if you have normal to oily skin use a oil control primer over your moisturiser such as the Benefit POREfessional.
Pinch a blush brush to create a contour brush ( if you don’t have a contour brush) and apply a contour shade such as the Charlotte Tilbury Film Star Bronze and Glow to shape your face. This will give you killer cheekbones that will stand out in photos and give your face more definition.
Wearing a SPF during your everyday activities is really important but when your are taking photographs an SPF in foundation can cause photo ‘flash back‘. Wearing a SPF higher than 15+ in either your moisturiser or foundation can cause serious flashback in your photos and cause the ‘ghost face’ effect. Opt for a foundation without SPF if you can and you will notice the difference.
Instead of using harsh eyeliner around the lower rim of your eye…use a brown or black eye shadow and blend it in, this will create a much softer look and will avoid the racoon eye look…. because we are going for a glowing natural look here.
Powdering might not be something you do on a day to day basis but when your skin is oily in the t-zone it will show up ten times more on camera. Use a powder after you have applied your makeup   just in the t-zone area, that is your chin,nose and forehead as this will help prevent flashback on camera.

Apply a highlighter in a champagne colour to the tops of check bones, cupids bow and down the bridge of your nose.When you turn your face the light will catch the highlight shade and it will give you that gorgeous JLO glow


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