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Becoming A Model: Finding An Agent

Starting off your modelling career as a fashion model can be an exciting thought…but a daunting one at the same time! Where to start you might ask? The first step is a very important one…. to find yourself an agent! Your agency and booker will organise your bookings, castings and contact the client on your behalf. They also organise how much you get paid and if there are any issues with the client they will deal with it on your behalf. Here are a few points to consider before contact agencies.
1) Do your research. Conduct an online search of all the reputable agencies in your area. Have a look at the agency website you are interested in working with and have a look at their models. What type of work do they book for their models? Do they book girls for Cosmopolitan, Vogue? Australian Fashion Week etc. Does this suit your style?
2) You don’t need to worry about paying ‘up front fees’ as reputable agencies won’t ask you to pay money up front as they will pay for this if they see potential in you as a model. Portfolio books, comp cards costs will be taken from your first paycheck.
3) Don’t fuss with an expensive portfolio shoot. It isn’t necessary paying a photographer for a portfolio shoot when you first get started, as the agency will organise a test shoot for you when you sign with them. The agency usually just wants to see a simple headshot and full body shot. You can take this yourself with your camera on your phone and send it in. They will email your back if you are successful.
4) Casting calls are a great way to let the agency see you in person and let your personality shine through. If you don’t have photos to bring in with you that is okay as they will take photos while your are in their office. They usually will let you know if you are suitable for their agency or not on the same day.


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