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Frankincense & Allspice Luxury Candle by Molton Brown

This literally reminds me of the festive season……. it’s like Christmas with an edge!
Frankincense and Allspice is the type of scent that gives your that warm and cosy feeling… making the whole house intoxicated with the most fiery and exquisite scent that kind of smells like a men’s fragrance intertwined into the candle .I know…sounds amazing right!

It is a familiar but unique scent that has top notes of ginger, allspice and caraway followed by a base of santal amyris, patchouli and vetiver and middles noted of frankincense and guaiac wood which WARNING upon first opening box may get you into the festive spirit in the middle of June.

Molton Brown is know for their luxury candles and this one is no exception as you will notice how beautifully made the box is as well as the sleek and heavy glass design of the candle. I am all for a candle that can transport you into a different mood and location as this one has done , it’s amazing how familiar scents can do this to us! 

Let me say that anyone who receives this as a gift won’t be disappointed…I know I wouldn’t be!


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