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What To Wear To A Job Interview?

What to wear to a job interview? That is the question that can be sometimes a bit more worrying than the interview itself. These days there is no one-way to dress at a job interview because each work environment will have a different dress code. Some may be conservative and formal whilst others are more relaxed and smart casual. It is always wise to do a little research before you go to your job interview on the company. Just think that you want to put your best self forward, looking neat and professional will give a good first impression. 
For the most part in an office environment you want to look polished and professional. No heavy makeup,mini skirts or very high heels. I like to stick to the rule of ‘keeping it simple’ that way you are covered for most work environments.

If it’s winter wear neat attire such as black pants or black jeans with a nice blouse, in summer you can change the pants to a knee length skirt.To dress this look up and make it professional add a blazer (as in the picture above). You can opt for a small heel/ankle boots or flat shoe with this look and it will look smart and classy and never too loud and over the top. 

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