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Banish those blemishes with Tea Tree Oil

Blemishes can be extremely difficult to fight, that’s why The Body Shop is celebrating 20 years of Tee Tree Oil and it’s powerful benefits with this fantastic range specifically designed for acne prone skin.The best sellers in the range consists of Tea Tree Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser,Skin Clearing Toner and the iconic Tea Tree Oil.

I have been using the cleanser everyday and it does a good job of removing any impurities and excess oils making my skin feel really clean and oil free.I then like to apply my favourite product…the tea tree oil to any blemishes. It’s amazing as you can feel the potent purifying treatment working straight away! The next day my blemishes feel smaller and not as inflamed.You can even use it under makeup!

Why Tea Tree Oil?

Tea tree Oil is well known for its powerful anti-bacterial properties. It helps clear blemishes without irritating acne prone skin and is gentle enough for everyday use. The Body Shop’s tea tree oil is organic and sourced from from their community Fair Trade partners.


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