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Valentina by Valentino Fragrance

This Italian Floral Oriental with the finest of Italian ingredients -Valentina by Valentino is by fair is my favourite summer fragrance. It is almost addictive as I catch myself craving this fragrance because the scent is so beautiful. It feels almost as if you have escaped to Italy for the weekend. Who doesn’t like that feeling?? Spray Spray Spray!!
Once you spray it you will notice it on occasion but it will never be overpowering in any way. I wear this fragrance for both day and night as it fresh enough for during the day and sensual enough for the evening. Apart from the fragrance being gorgeous the bottle is elegant and pretty that will look beautiful on your vanity table or coming out of your handbag as you spray it.
Top: Top notes of Calabrian bergamot and white Alba truffle
Middle: Almalfi orange with a hint of wild strawberry
Base: Warmth of cedar and amber

I am a really picky when it comes to fragrances and i highly recommend this one! If you are looking for a delicate slightly sweet fragrance that is suitable for work and a great all-rounder i really recommend giving this one i try…i doubt you will be disappointed!

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