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Sexy Goddess Skin With J Bronze

Sexy sun- kissed candlelit skin…. like a goddess…that is what I want from my face tanner? Is that too much to ask for? Nope…i didn’t think so!
The reason I usually skip the self tanner when it comes to my face is because they haven’t really worked for me in the past without looking totally un-natural.
Since I was tanning my body with a self-tanner I though I should try to even out the complexion with a face tanner. The J Bronze tanner was to my surprise fantastic…that is because i bought it on a whim (without looking at reviews) and it gave me an even golden base and when I applied my foundation it just made everything look in-sync. I actually felt like i didn’t need much foundation as it enhanced my complexion.
The tan colour is quite sheer; so you won’t need to worry about looking really different after a few hours. I started with one pump for the entire face and then built it up the next day for a slightly deeper tan. I have normal-oily skin and it didn’t break me or build up in my pores either. 


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