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Skin Saviour: Mario Badescu Rose Water Spray


Mario Badescu Facial Spray is a facial mist with a combination of good-for-your-skin ingredients such as Aloe,Herbs and Rosewater. It is marketed as a ‘hydrating mist for all skin types‘ that also doubles as a makeup setting spray. I have heard all about the hype of this product with soooo many people raving on about it, so I found myself in the sudden need for a facial spray…and for a surprising $10 for 118ml I wanted to see how well it works overall as a setting spray and how it feels on sensitive acne prone skin.

Let’s say I was quite impressed with a number of things…. If you are like me and dislike the look of powder on your skin especially in the day time this did a fantastic with not only setting my makeup but toning down any powder products that sit on top of your skin. Your makeup suddenly looks as if it’s apart of your skin and not sitting on top anymore! That’s a huge accomplishment in my eyes! I was quite surprised that it did not irritate my sensitive skin (especially if you use acne medication you know how sensitive your skin can become!) this was the perfect hydration booster that proved to be non-iritating and most importantly it did not break me out! 


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