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Osmosis Skincare Event


I was really excited when I received my invite to the Osmosis Skincare Event at Vine Double Bay on Tuesday. I was really interested in learning more about the skincare line that I have heard so much about lately which is founded and formulated by medical physician Dr Ben Johnson.

Upon entering the event we were greeted with a special water shot of Harmonized Water (this was so much fun and a really different concept) which resets cell frequencies and replaces and enhances the body’s natural frequencies. The display was beautiful and while sipping on a special cocktail (that also included the special Harmonized Water) we were lucky enough to play with the new skincare and makeup line. I was really impressed with the makeup line as the formulas were very comparable to commercial high-end brands with ingredients that benefit your skin and sensitive enough to wear after facial procedures.


It was great that I had the chance to speak to Dr Ben Johnson to gain a little insight into his thoughts on skincare in person and he gave me some excellent tips on skincare and slowing down the aging process. He said that his line contains holistic ingredients that benefit the skin and is proven to help a number of skincare concerns such as acne,oily skin and sensitive skin.


I enjoyed this event because it was so hands on as we got to play with the skincare and makeup whilst chatting to an Osmosis makeup artist. My stand out product from the makeup line was the CC Corrector which goes on white then releases a pigment that adapts to your skin colour. It’s quite revolutionary and gives you a light-weight coverage looks completely natural and modern on the skin.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I look forward to writing about other events that I attend.




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